Alone sex can be the BEST!

Masturbating is a great opportunity to:

  • relax
  • come down emotionally from an intense situation
  • relieve stress & tension
  • get yourself sleepy
  • meditate
  • get in touch with yourself (no pun intended)

Masturbation is healthy, fun and relaxing. I’ve seen the whole spectrum here: people who refuse to masturbate (for a variety of reasons), to people who masturbate more than once a day.

“When I think about you, I touch myself.” -Davinyls

While there are numerous suggestions on the best masturbation techniques, I feel that whatever gets you hot and wet is what works for you. You literally have no one else to please but yourself, so if something’s not feeling great.. try something different! No self judging… just go for the O.

Hands only, with toys, in the shower, in your bedroom, with or without lube…. try everything once and find what works best for you. In fact, trying things out by yourself (oh, how I can’t wait to test my new anal toy) makes it far less intimidating when it’s go time with your partner. You already know how it feels, how far you can push yourself, and what it takes to make you cum!

Hmmmm… talking about masturbation has made me so wet, I’m going to go jill.



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