3 Anal Plugs to Enhance Orgasm | product review

Our very first product review is a trio of anal toys.

I know it’s hard to trust a new product reviewer. I get it. I do… I don’t trust easily, and I totally get it. It’ll take some time to get to know us. I understand! But please know that we are giving honest feedback for items that we personally try and test. We know it’s not easy to trust unknown product reviewers, and we know we are kind of new to this side of the game… credibility takes time. And we are A-OK with that! The products we review are tested by real humans, and we are real, sexual humans writing these reviews! And don’t be afraid to contact us! -CB

3 Piece Anal Play Kit Purple Butt Blugs

3 Piece Anal Trainer Set: large bubble, large tapered, small bead


I’m a sucker for pink, purple, and glitter. The delicious lilac color grabbed my attention right away. The shapes also don’t look super intimidating, so for an anal virgin or new to anal training, they are inviting rather than scary. I liked the idea of a set of three, which really gives a chance to test out the feeling of shapes before investing in a larger anal toy.


Slated for beginner anal play, this set is meant for anal insertion. The three different shapes provide different stimulating feelings, and the curved base is meant to keep it safely in place and makes it easy to remove.


This set retails for $25, making it a deal for three toys! These will stay in your toy box for a long time, usable at any time for added pleasure, so this is a good investment.


These anal plugs are made of Phthalate Free TPR/ TPE, which is porous enough to not be able to sanitize with boiling water, so be sure not to share them. Use water-based lubricant. Before and after use, wash with warm water and mild hand soap (or antibacterial toy cleaner) and dry thoroughly. Store someplace that will not attract moisture or dust/hair. I recommend cloth bags for all toys!


Anal penetration can be a little unconventional. However, it is something anyone can try – alone or with a partner. I highly recommend it. Anal play with toys is a low risk way to turn up the kink.


I tried the single bead first, and the initial finger tip was easy to insert, while the second step, the bead, gave me a nice little pierce of pleasure. Once installed, it did enhance my orgasm, but not significantly. The bubble plug gave me the most pleasure. It was nice going in, with three points of pressure, and was really pleasurable once inside. I spent some time wiggling it around, which really made me start to pulse. The tapered plug I tried in conjunction with a dildo. This more traditional shape wasn’t giving me the physical pleasure I wanted, but when supplementing another toy in the vagina, it did contribute to a fairly decent orgasm.

Anal amateur? This set is perfect. The three shapes: small single bead, large bubble and large tapered are all suitable for easy play.  I would suggest inserting them yourself.

Anal expert? This set is nice to enhance orgasms during other play, but it is not likely to really give a higher level of stimulation. I would suggest going for a more aggressive toy.

Overall, my favorite of the three is the large bubble, though I see myself using all of them again. I give the set three horns, because they are novel and a great set for beginners.