TENGA EGG Series | product review

The TENGA EGG series are super stretchable, disposable masturbators. Each EGG has a different texture on the inside, which can give the penis different points of masturbation pleasure!

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The EGG comes inside a plastic, shrink wrapped egg. The EGG product itself is attractive – a soft, white egg shaped sleeve that slides over the penis.

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Not complicated – you open and go for it.  It also provides a safe alternative especially if you are not comfortable with lube on your hand.


The EGG functions as a sheath for masturbation and is made of a very soft elastomer material which expands to encompass the cock as you stroke.  The inside has different textures, depending on desire, and gives a convenient place to squirt in lube.  The sex toy comes inside a plastic egg (insert Freudian joke here) and also comes with a packet of lube. For multiple uses (which the manufacturer does not recommend) you will need to provide your own lubricant as well as follow proper sanitary measures for reuse.


The average cost for one EGG is $7.50. TENGA has produced this as a single use masturbator, and they recommend you use it once and toss it. I used it twice, cleaning with gentle soap and warm water in between uses. There are sanitary issues for multiple uses. The biggest complaint about this product is that it is only a one time use, you are literally throwing your money away.


If you don’t like the idea of masturbating and having to come contact with your own cum, this product makes it very easy. It provides a barrier between you and your semen and makes post ejaculation clean up easy.  Once done, either just toss it in the trash, or choose to clean it thoroughly inside and out with warm water and soap.


The EGG is novel. It might be fun for kinky play with a partner, but as far as single sex goes, there isn’t much kink factor here.


Unless you have a cock larger than 7 inches do not expect to be able to stretch the egg to its full potential. I didn’t think it was really sensitive, and that sensitivity might not be apparent unless you’re well endowed. The company might consider different sizes to maximize sensitivity.

Enough lube or not enough lube – it’s hard to get the happy medium and you can find yourself easily having too much lube to where it builds up on your hand.  Though the product is still smooth and feels good, it creates the need for cleanup breaks if you’re going for a long time.

If you want to masturbate at a high speed this product is for you.  It allows for plenty of lube and can slide over your penis at whatever speed you desire.

Overall the egg provides an interesting and modern alternative for men who would prefer something simple but also sensual enough to masturbate.  The EGG needs to be handled properly with the right amount of lube, preferred stroking speed, and texture. I give it three horns.







Male Masturbation

The concept of stroking yourself seems to have many stigmas or negatives wrapped around it depending if its moral in nature or social. This blog is not about these issues but more of a focus on the positives of how masturbation can help a man keep even keel in his daily life.

This article is about the positives and not the social/moral aspects of sexuality with whacking the wee wee. Masturbation is beneficial. It is simple as this, if you relieve the pressure of sexual desire more frequently it gives you a more clear head in social, work, and intimate situations. If you have taken care of the need it makes it easier to abstain or at least not look like a tool when operating with the opposite/same sex. Having healthy and planned masturbation once or twice a week can help a lot to giving a man control over the level of desire and control you have over yourself.


Wet Dreams – you like them?

You like waking up from a fantastic sex dream with a wet mess in your drawers? Some people do enjoy this aspect of their own sexuality but if you would prefer to have more control over the ejaculation of old/dead sperm, then masturbation takes care of this problem. The male body continues to produce sperm and over time that sperm’s shelf life goes bad. Perhaps it is better to relieve it frequently than let it sit inside your body. As a man it is part of our core function to reproduce and to reproduce as frequently as possible – in the current social constraints this is frowned upon – sometimes its better to get rid of the old and let the new develop.

Safe Kink

Sometimes it is better to go to the internet and get stimulated and get an understanding of a ‘unique’ turn on you have through personal masturbation than it is to thrust something new or uncomfortable onto your partner. If you spend the time pleasuring and thinking about your fetish it makes it easier to explain and then perhaps explore a new avenue of kink if you have a better understanding of it.

Mutual Touching

Perhaps a bit of play with your lover with something from sexual organ to sexual organ can make things interesting. There is nothing wrong with mutual masturbation or touching and it can greatly enhance the experience with your partner.

The take away from all of this is to understand that masturbation is natural. It has even been scientifically noted that other organisms on our planet practice the act of self pleasure. The idea of touching oneself to orgasm may seem familiar or distance – either way it is healthy and should not be ignored or frowned upon. Be healthy!