Corporal Discipline

The idea of corporal punishment has been a part of human society even from ancient times and represents an unequal balance between punisher and the punished.  It has been used for both discipline as well as full on punishment to the point of mutilation.  In the context of spanking in the bedroom it also has a wide variety of levels of teasing as well as pain.  In this post I will try to touch on different types of spanking and flogging, as well as indicate the level of pain/pleasure/hardcore (PPH) rating on a scale of 5.

Hand Spanking – PPH 1-2

The nice thing about hand spanking is you don’t need to buy anything to experiment with spanking.  The act of spanking can be very erotic and enjoyable as long as the one doing the spanking is attuned with what their partner is comfortable with.  With spanking you can alter the level of force and know easily how strong you are punishing your partner.  Generally, spanking relates to application of a slapping motion to the posterior of the receiver.  If your partner is open to it other areas of spanking might include the sexual organs or other parts of the body in relation to the torso or legs.


Feather/Tickler – PPH 1-2

The use of a light device like a feather can be very sensual especially in connection witho a blindfold.  Sometimes a light touch can be the most powerful to the sense of the skin.  A feather is an easy thing to come by but you can get more complex and find other soft objects to probe and tease your lover with.


Paddle – PPH 1-3

The paddle is a good upgrade beyond simple spanking.  A paddle can be made of wood, leather, or other material shaped into a broad spanking implement.  The advantage of a paddle is that it provides for the punisher and punished to feel they are upping their game without crossing a threshold of BDSM that most people are not ether aware of or comfortable with.  Again with a paddle it is more about level of force used and frequency.  A paddle in the context of history was used as a discipline device and less about corporal punishment.



Riding Crop, Caning, or Switch – PPH 2 to 5

A riding crop is used to make a horse or other beast of burden move faster giving a lightning fast and sharp pain to the animal.  A switch is a light or thin reed, stick, or rod that is thin and used in punishment (even in some countries today).  Because of the very small area in relation to the level of force used a crop can bring very intense and localized pain, its not meant for a beginner.  If used properly it can provide a very intense and focused experience.

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Whips, Floggers and Cat-o’-Ninetails – PPH 1 to 5

When you using a whip, flogger or cat-o’-ninetails it’s really about what it is made out of.  These implements can be made of soft leather, hard leather, or even metal.  Again it is about what you feel comfortable with and what seems right for you and your partner.  Very much pain can be created to the point of non-pleasure from these items so it is important to get a good feel for the whip or 9tails before even trying to use one on your sexual partner.


I hope that this brief examination of different flogging/spanking items helps you determine what is best for you and your lover.  As always, I always encourage moderation until a level of comfort and trust can be established and always remember – whether it safe word or the word ‘no’….. Be attuned to and respect your partners’ limits.





So much attention is often paid to before and during sex, that we sometimes forget about what to do after sex.

Aftercare is an important part of a healthy sexual relationship. It is critical if your sexual relationship has included some BDSM. After the scene, the experience, the orgasms, try to include special aftercare time.


Sex can get, well, messy. Spend some time cleaning up – you and your partner’s bodies, the bed, the toys. Gentle cleansing wipes kept nearby are handy for immediate messes, as are some small, soft hand towels. You know those baby wipes with the warmers? They work wonders in the bedroom, too! Of course, heading to a soothing warm shower together is always an excellent option.


A heavy round of sexual activities can be physically demanding. Keep liquid to drink nearby: water, Gatorade, PowerAde, whatever your hydration of choice is. Healthy sex includes keeping your body hydrated during that workout!

Rest & Recovery

Even a few minutes of laying still after sex is usually required, even if you are in the midst of a quickie. Rest and get breathing back to normal after your romp. Some people love to sleep after sex. Sometimes, a little gentle stretching or yoga is what you need to recover, especially if the sex positions have included a bit of acrobatics! Return to comfort by adjusting body temperature as needed, with a blanket to warm up or by turning on a fan to cool off. Harder sex play will often require some soothing recovery techniques, so be sure to do what is necessary to keep each other healthy.


Everyone’s level of affection will be as different as their sexual preferences, but be sure to add some affection into your aftercare. Snuggles, kisses, a hug, massage, quiet conversation – whatever pleases you.


The mood for aftercare is often much more calming and relaxed than the mood during sex. Candles, scents, lighting, music – all contribute to a relaxing and soothing mood to help come down from the adrenaline released during sex.


Just like the sexual tension and build up, the foreplay, the sex itself and then the climax, aftercare is just one more piece of the sexual experience.